Our Business

We are doing our business in the following domains:

  1. Support Agile Web Development with Ruby/Rails
  2. Translate, Compose, and Publish Tech Documents
  3. Research and Develop Continuous Translation System

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Summary of Works

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Main Works and Contribution

About us

We’re mainly working on Ruby/Rails web development, education, and open-source activities. We have two offices in Okinawa and Tokyo, Japan, and we work remotely using GitHub, Appear, Idobata, etc.

CEO: Yohei Yasukawa


He obtained the degree of Master in Information and Computer Science from Waseda University, and studied at Monmouth College in Illinois, USA. He founded YassLab company in 2012, a small distributed company focusing on Ruby/Rails web development, education, and opensource projects.

Now, welcoming co-workers who also have open-source mind into YassLab team, we work remotely, challenge to automate translating Japanese Rails Guides and Rails Tutorial, and try to apply the continuous translation system for other GitHub-based tech docs.

SNS: GitHub, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn.


Not only such businesses, but also his company contributes to opensource communities by founding and organizing Okinawa.rb/Okinawa RubyKaigi, serving as a chairman of CoderDojo Japan, and translating Rails Tutorial into Japanese/Ruby Hacking Guide into English.

For such enthusiastic contribution to IT and Education fields in Japan, our works were accepted by The MITOH Program in 2012, seleted as one of TEDxRyukyu talks in 2013, and awarded Outstanding Performance Awards at Fukuoka Ruby Award in 2014.

Since 2015, in order to bridge the knowledge of teaching kids to code between Japan and the world, he also works as a Community Committee at CoderDojo, the global network of free computer programming clubs for young people. For the future, his company is developing continuous translation system that translates documents in real time using Git and Translation Memory technique. Its outcomes include Japanese Rails Tutorial and Rails Guides in Japanese.

Company Profile



Mail: yohei@yasslab.jp
SNS: GitHub (Most stars), Qiita, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Wantedly.
Office: CASE Shinjuku, Sankei Bldg 4F, Takadanobaba 1-28-10, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, 169-0075

If interested, feel free to contact us.